Service Description
Scope Definition The CellPort POWR platform’s modular architecture allows you to choose between deploying a single module (i.e., equipment manager, materials manager, etc.), a group of modules or the entire application suite. We work with your staff to define the scope of the platform for initial deployment and a roadmap for its use over time. In addition, we work with your staff to assess and ensure the readiness of your organization to deploy the CellPort POWR platform in terms of your IT infrastructure, computers, barcode readers/printers, etc.
Asset Discovery Process Once the scope of your CellPort POWR deployment is defined, an interdisciplinary team of seasoned lab scientists, business analysts and software engineers work alongside your staff to discover and understand the materials, equipment, data, and SOPs that make up your assay(s). We then work iteratively with your team to converge on a digital equivalent of your materials, equipment, and workflow representation of your assay that can be executed by CellPort Analytics.
Configure CellPort POWR Apps During the configuration stage, we represent all of the assets in the scope of the project (equipment, materials, personnel, locations, assays, etc.) in a digital form. We provide your team access to a sandbox, testing environment with your configuration of CellPort POWR applications to ensure that it allows your staff to efficiently and effectively complete their lab work. We refine the configuration until we jointly agree that it is ready for production use.
Validation (IQ/OQ/PQ)(if required) Prior to production use, we work with your staff to ensure your configuration of CellPort POWR is validated via a combination of test case scripts and services. IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification) can occur via CellPort Software running its test scripts on the SaaS application of CPA deployed in the cloud. For PQ (production qualification) we work alongside your staff to develop and run the required tests prior to transitioning to the live system.
Training CellPort POWR training is tailored to your specific configuration to ensure lab and assay specific training.
Production Management The CellPort Software staff stand ready to support you with active phone and email support, active monitoring of your application and on-going guidance to ensure your successful and optimal use of CPA.