COMPANY overview

CellPort Software

Founded in 2014, CellPort Software was conceived with a single goal in mind, to digitize the cell manufacturing process. Today CellPort boasts the most innovative suite of cloud-based cell-manufacturing and lab execution platforms in the life-sciences industry.

Our SaaS-based application suite defines and manages all assay workflows, activities, equipment, materials, personnel, data/calculations and projects used by CROs, CMOs, research institutions, bio-pharma companies and regulatory authorities in assay development and biomanufacturing at all stages of development (R&D, GLP, GMP).

Revolutionizing Lab Processes

Industry Leading Applications

CellPort Software has delivered a modular and integrated platform application suite to manage the definition and execution of consistent, reproducible, compliant and scalable laboratory operations.

CellPort Software’s products were developed in collaboration with industry leaders, including Absorption Systems, a world-class CRO developing and operating in vitro and in vivo assays to support drug development and manufacturing.

Application Suite Benefits

CellPort Software supports the elicitation and definition of R&D, GLP and GMP assays and their execution, monitoring, reporting and compliance. 

Active configured workflow support for R&D through GxP assays

Effective training, tech transfer and scalability within and across sites

Better control of equipment/materials and their usage

Compliance with FDA and EMA regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11

Real-time analytics and dashboards provide greater visibility into projects

Supported Compliance