In-App Scheduling
 & Comms

Empower your people with a centralized scheduling & communications hub.

CellPort is Great for

Schedule Events

For more effective project management, CellPort lets you schedule cell feedings, cell passaging, equipment calibration, and every activity that your lab needs to run smoothly.

Assign and Manage Tasks

Teams can assign and delegate tasks down to the finest detail, and individual users can keep track of their assigned tasks in one portal.

Take Notes and Observations

Streamline workflows and approvals with in-app messaging features and @-functionality that let you leave questions, comments, and observations directly on a specific protocol, event, or workflow.

Centralize Communications

Keep all your communications in one place for more consistent lab results, more accurate audit trails, and more effective knowledge sharing.

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Fixing the Reproducibility Problem: Why Laboratories Need Traceability of Data and Processes

Cell culture labs today are struggling to handle intricate data streams produced from increasingly complex experimentation. The result: lab results that cannot be reproduced successfully.

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Tech Transferability

When scaling from research to manufacturing, or passing down academic research from one group to another, enormous amounts of insights and findings must be shared without any data leakage– since even the smallest oversight could lead to a detrimental loss of science.

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Due to the sensitive nature of cells, a seemingly harmless change in reagents, consumables, or materials used – whether the change is known or unknown i.e., caused by vendors or third parties – may cause unexpected results to the way cells behave. 

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