Webinar: The Digital Transformation of ​Cell Culture and ​Cell Banking​

This webinar introduces the CellPort Cell Culture Suite, a secure, compliant SaaS-based application suite focused on managing all lab workflows, activities, equipment, materials, personnel, data/calculations, locations, and projects for cell culture and cell banking.   The CellPort Cell Culture Suite reduces errors, increases reproducibility, enhances productivity, and provides full audit-ready traceability for regulated and unregulated environments.

Who should attend? 

Scientists, Laboratory Managers/Directors/VPs, and QA/QC Managers/Directors/VPs involved with cell culture and cell banking.


Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 12:00 PM Eastern

What you will learn:

The importance of cell culture to the future of drug discovery and advanced therapy medicinal products including cell and gene therapy.

The challenges in cell culture and cell banking.

How digitalization of cell culture and cell banking in R&D, GLP, and GMP settings allows every aspect of a cell’s life to be captured digitally, permitting seamless searching, sharing, tracing, transferring, and auditing.