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We’re preparing the life-sciences industry for its next big breakthrough.

Our Vision

We Strive to Unlock The Power of Cells

By empowering the scientific community to safely and responsibly handle all aspects of cell-based operations, we hope to create a world where breakthroughs are made every single day.

Our Why

For scientists, by scientists

Biomanufacturing and research labs today handle enormous amounts of information – managing materials, equipment, consumables, reagents, personnel, and more – when paper files and spreadsheets don’t cut it, the quality and quantity of production may suffer the consequences.

To overcome the growing complexity, CellPort was born in 2014 to bring next-gen capabilities to cell-based life sciences. With the introduction of CellPort 3.0, we’ve added more customization features, like our Automated Workflow and Protocol Builder, enhanced Notes for in-depth observations and communication all in one place, and the new-and-improved Reporting tool for all your compliance requirements, like Master Batch Records (MBRs), FDA, GLP, GMP, and more – And there’s more features on the way.

Are you ready to achieve total control over your lab environment? At CellPort, we’re streamlining cell-manufacturing, so you can focus on the science.

Meet Our Leadership

Patrick Dentinger
Patrick Dentinger

The classic American entrepreneur story, Patrick Dentinger co-founded an analytical CRO in his attic in 1996. Over the coming decades, he transformed the organization into a world leader in testing for cell & gene therapies, then sold the company to Pharmaron in Nov. 2020.

All along the way, Mr. Dentinger dreamed of unlocking the power of cells. Through his vision & foresight, the company replaced paper lab notebooks by developing an in-house system for digitizing cell manufacturing – known as CellPort. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients & regulators, Mr. Dentinger commercialized CellPort in 2021, to streamline cell-based operations for all.

Gregory M. Banik
VP of Operations
Gregory M. Banik
VP of Operations

As a veteran executive in the life-sciences industry, Gregory M. Banik brings years of experience leading digital transformations for Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) organizations – Dr. Banik's expertise in customer-focused product development and strategic planning, along with his participation in scientific standard bodies, grants him the unique perspectives necessary to address the immediate needs of the technicians and researchers who use our SaaS platform on a daily basis, while keeping a long-term vision for future growth & development.

Ismael J. Hidalgo
Chief Scientific Officer
Ismael J. Hidalgo
Chief Scientific Officer

A visionary scientist and entrepreneur, Ismael J. Hidalgo brought world-renowned expertise and perspective to the creation of CellPort. Dr Hidalgo has written 58 peer-reviewed publications and has given 130 presentations at scientific conferences worldwide. His seminal characterization of the human colon carcinoma cell line Caco-2 as a model system for intestinal epithelial permeability transformed the pharmaceutical industry and set the stage for FDA and EMA guidance on bioequivalence that allowed in vitro cell-based testing to replace in vivo human testing, making him an invaluable partner in the development of our product. Dr. Hidalgo’s seminal paper on the characterization of the Caco-2 cell line has been cited over 2,800 times.

Global Team, Single Focus

To make your life (sciences) simpler.

Our Values

Customer First

We always focus on the immediate needs of the lab technicians, researchers, and scientists who use our product on a daily basis.

Data Centric

Small changes make big differences; we prioritize the input and management of data to improve results, procedures, and security in the long-term.

Leaders of Industry

We always strive to push the status quo and innovate where necessary; we respect regulations and simultaneously work to steer the industry in the right direction.

Protectors of IP

Built on the most secure platforms, we always prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of our customers and their IP.


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