Reduce lab-to-market time with an end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) built for cells.

How CellPort Improves Bioprocessing

Elevate your manufacturing operations with integrated upstream processing (USP) and downstream processing (DSP) – CellPort helps streamline and automate bioprocessing processes, such as:


Choosing Cells for Application
Cell Passaging
Media Preparation
Cell Culture
Cell Separation


Cell Harvest
Buffer Preparation
Finish & Fill
From generic drug development to in vitro efficacy testing, cells aid in the end-to-end production of modern medicines. How biopharma R&D and manufacturing labs manage cells makes all the difference between getting FDA approval for commercial products, or not. CellPort helps your lab achieve more reproducible, ready-to-scale results. 
Built to optimize all upstream and downstream bioprocessing operations, CellPort helps biotech companies to experiment, develop, and manufacture – CellPort makes it easy to manage your end-to-end operations, from cell lineage tracing to product packaging and beyond. CellPort helps your lab scale commercial products that adhere to GLP and GMP standards.
For contract research and development labs to operate more efficiently, CellPort supports adherence to SOPs through automated time & scheduling, centralized communications, customized reporting, and a library of configurable protocols and assays.
Cellular Agriculture
Harvest a more plentiful cell culture – CellPort helps ensure a reliable and consistent supply of cells, with complete tracking and oversight into the scaffolds, serums, and cell culture environments. From R&D to GMP, CellPort delivers the tools you need to develop safer, purer cellular or acellular products.
Cellular Agriculture
Harvest a more plentiful cell culture – CellPort helps ensure a reliable and consistent supply of cells, with complete tracking and oversight into the scaffolds, serums, and cell culture environments. From R&D to GMP, CellPort delivers the tools you need to develop safer, purer cellular or acellular products.

Upstream Processing

Upstream processing (USP) includes the early stages of bioprocessing, including choosing cells for application, cell line identification and verification, cell culture, media preparation, a
nd cell separation. The goal of the USP is to develop reproducible cell characteristics that can be harvested for drug development while ensuring purity and quality at every step.

Due to the sensitive nature of cells, even the most minute modification could result in downstream variation and wasted spending. Therefore, USP steps must be followed with extreme caution and attention to detail, and labs must track all relevant data points for each cell line, including media preparation, observations, vendors, equipment, personnel, etc. In the case of unexpected variation, labs that keep sufficient records are more likely to pinpoint root causes and rectify the source of error quickly.

CellPort facilitates and tracks all upstream bioprocessing from cell development to cultivation. Auto-scheduling & reminders ensure that the right actions are taken at the right time, while digital protocols and data analysis help labs track and monitor cell behavior throughout the process. CellPort not only helps expedite regulatory audits, but also ensures the smooth transition to downstream processing (DSP) processes.

Downstream Processing

Downstream processing (DSP) comprises the latter stages of bioprocessing, from cell harvesting to product packaging & shipping and all the steps in between. The overall purpose of DSP is to transform cell harvests into their final product formulation, whether it's a cell therapy, in vitro membrane, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology product.

As various cell products vary in their size and nature, labs must take into account the different separation processes required for their recovery and purification. Once harvested, cells go through several processes to isolate, purify, and concentrate the product from the complex bulk matrix, which may include acids, debris, and contaminants, in order to be transformed into a suitable form for its intended use.

Throughout the DSP, CellPort helps manage the extraction and purification of raw materials like Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), product packaging, and everything you need to produce a finished product and reduce lab-to-market time. CellPort also helps labs to introduce a centralized data structure, achieve regulatory compliance, and facilitate real-time decision-making in bioprocessing.

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