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CellPort is the all-in-one lab management platform that’s uniquely focused on cell culture, cell banking, and all upstream and downstream workflows related to cells.

Managing your inventory and equipment is essential to an efficient, compliant, and productive lab.

Managing inventory in CellPort allows teams to have real-time information on the amount of cells, media, and other inventory items you have on hand at any time.

You can access automated location histories for all your materials and equipment.

Team members can see automated usage histories that show where and how much of each material has been used.

You can avoid using expired materials or equipment that is past due for calibration with expiration policies for materials and recurring calibration policies for equipment.

Long-term traceability, transparency, and audibility gives your team immediate access to data that spreadsheets just can’t handle.

In CellPort, your Admin users define the materials and equipment that are most critical, allowing your scientists to easily track and trace the inventory and movement of those items throughout the system and your operation.

Inventory and equipment usage and location changes are all tracked automatically in Protocols for activities like cell passaging, creating sublots for cell banking, and more.

Expiration policies for materials are set by your admin users to ensure that your expired materials never become a problem.

Admins can also set calibration, preventative maintenance, and other equipment policies that are enforced through CellPort Events, so that your equipment will never be out of spec in the future, while providing auditable records of all calibration and other events that have happened in the past.

Finally, CellPort’s Cell Line Registry allows your admins to define the data and metadata for each cell line, including cell seeding densities and other critical cell culture parameters that allow you to track the full lineage of all cells in CellPort.

Software for powering breakthroughs, built by our scientists for your scientists.

That’s CellPort.

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