Customized Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with real-time analytics, dashboards, and in-depth reporting.

CellPort is Great for

Batch Record Reports

Maintain up-to-date MBRs and batch record reports in a single source of truth – track any changes, monitor adherence, and report on the results of certain iterations, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Cell Lineage Reports

Track cell lineage and related metadata, including viability measurements, densities at seed and harvest, timestamps, passage numbers, operators, and more.

Compliance Reports

Skip hours of manual audits – our built-in reports help you satisfy regulatory requirements for R&D, GLP, GMP, and across industries.

Real-Time Analytics

Get the in-depth insights you need to make informed decisions – CellPort’s customized reporting and dashboards give you real-time analytics into the resources, workflows, protocols, and status of your lab at any given moment.

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Fixing the Reproducibility Problem: Why Laboratories Need Traceability of Data and Processes

Cell culture labs today are struggling to handle intricate data streams produced from increasingly complex experimentation. The result: lab results that cannot be reproduced successfully.

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Tech Transferability

When scaling from research to manufacturing, or passing down academic research from one group to another, enormous amounts of insights and findings must be shared without any data leakage– since even the smallest oversight could lead to a detrimental loss of science.

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Due to the sensitive nature of cells, a seemingly harmless change in reagents, consumables, or materials used – whether the change is known or unknown i.e., caused by vendors or third parties – may cause unexpected results to the way cells behave. 

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