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CellPort is the all-in-one lab management platform that’s uniquely focused on cell culture, cell banking, and all upstream and downstream workflows related to cells. When it comes to running an efficient, compliant, and successful lab, your protocols are the blueprints for your operation. Teams that use CellPort to manage their Protocols have seen a significant increase in productivity through streamlined workflows, as well as a significant decrease in manual documentation. They also see more consistent lab results, less deviations, and a decrease in overall quality control costs.

Over time, digitalized Protocols become repositories of institutional knowledge, mitigating the risks of staff turnover, transitions, or sick and out-of-office employees. Digitalized Protocols also help you upskill your junior team members, bridging the skill gap between newer technicians and your more experienced colleagues.

Protocols in CellPort are no-code workflows that tie together all the other elements of your operational ecosystem, including cells and other materials, equipment, events, and notes in a traceable, trackable, compliant, and auditable way.

With CellPort, your Admin users can build no-code, version-controlled Protocols in minutes. Simply import the text of your organization’s existing workflows, and link each of the elements in each step to your materials and equipment inventory in CellPort.

Running a Protocol from a Protocol template is even easier—all inventory usage, location changes, operator, and date/time information is automatically tracked and traced in the system so the operator doesn’t need to manually. CellPort Protocols automatically capture important measurements and parameters for all your cell-based activities, allowing you to answer questions like: how does seeding density vary over time for a particular cell line?

Protocols are central to your organization, which is why they’re central to CellPort. Protocols allow you to define precise workflows when you need maximum  reproducibility, or more flexible workflows when necessary.

Software for powering breakthroughs, built by our scientists for your scientists.

That’s CellPort.

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