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CellPort Software Announces Release of CellPort Cell Culture Suite

An Innovative Suite of Cloud-Based Cell Manufacturing and Laboratory Execution Applications 

Exton, PA- <February 16, 2021> – CellPort Software, formerly part of Absorption, a Pharmaron company, announced the launch of their latest cloud-based. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product –  CellPort Cell Culture Suite, the “all-in-one” laboratory software focused on cell culture and cell banking. 

Cell culture is vital to the future of drug discovery and essential to advanced therapy medicinal products, but whether it’s due to inconsistent lab practices, tracking, and quality control, there exists a lack of reproducibility that stops many companies from scaling their operations.

Patrick Dentinger, CEO of CellPort Software, commented, “Built by scientists, for scientists, CellPort is designed to reduce errors, increase reproducibility, enhance productivity, and provide full audit-ready traceability for any regulated environments.” 

For all stages of development from R&D to GMP, CellPort Cell Culture Suite is a secure, compliant lab management platform that helps biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies manage all lab workflows, activities, equipment, materials, personnel, data/calculations, locations, and projects for cell culture and cell banking.

Gregory M. Banik, Ph.D., VP of Operations at CellPort Software, commented, “CellPort Cell Culture Suite is the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use suite of applications for cell culture and cell banking that exists today. The system can be easily configured and made fully operational in as little as four weeks.”

Features and benefits of the CellPort Cell Culture Suite include:

  • Used in R&D, GLP, and GMP setting
  • Track and trace the lineage and location of all cell lines, media, and reagents.
  • Dramatically increase reproducibility and productivity while decreasing errors.
  • Provide actionable reports to increase operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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About CellPort Software

Founded in 2014, CellPort Software was conceived with a single goal in mind: to digitalize the cell manufacturing process. Today, CellPort boasts the most innovative suite of cloud-based cell-manufacturing and laboratory execution applications in the life-sciences industry. Our SaaS-based application suite defines and manages all assay workflows, activities, equipment, materials, personnel, data/calculations, and projects used by CROs, CMOs, research institutions, bio-pharma companies, and regulatory authorities in assay development and biomanufacturing at all stages of development (R&D, GLP, GMP).