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CellPort is the all-in-one lab management platform that’s uniquely focused on cell culture, cell banking, and all upstream and downstream workflows related to cells.

To paraphrase English poet John Donne, “No one is an island – every person is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”.

The same holds for your organization:  every colleague needs to coordinate their efforts to achieve your organization’s breakthroughs.

CellPort tackles the problems associated with collaboration with four powerful tools:  Scheduled Events, Weekly Calendar View, Notes, and Notifications.

With CellPort, lab teams instantly get more transparency about how the organization is running, including which team members are responsible for which actions.

Communication between colleagues becomes frictionless and visible to anyone associated with that protocol.

With better communication comes fewer surprises and a team that is more cohesive, coordinated, motivated, and fulfilled.

Scheduled Events allow you and your team to schedule your most important activities, indicating who is responsible, what Protocols they should follow, and what materials and equipment they’ll use.

CellPort was designed to do exactly this.

The Weekly Calendar view gives you a day-by-day dashboard to monitor and act on your scheduled events, and to document the results of those activities in the system.

Our Notes feature gives you the ability to add observations and comments to any object in CellPort and @ mention your colleagues. This is a powerful tool for traceable and transparent documentation of everything from a curious observation to a significant deviation.

And finally, the Notification feature alerts you to any new Notes and new Scheduled Event assignments in CellPort, with integrations to email, Slack, and Teams.  Links from your external comms back to CellPort guarantee that you will keep offline communication online for better transparency and traceability.

CellPort’s many collaborative features help power your breakthroughs; streamlining communication and bringing team members together like never before.

Software for powering breakthroughs, built by our scientists for your scientists.

That’s CellPort.

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