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CellPort is the all-in-one lab management platform that’s uniquely focused on cell culture, cell banking, and all upstream and downstream workflows related to cells.

The people in your organization are the most important ingredient in the formula for your laboratory’s success.

Managing the people in your organization is easier than ever with CellPort.

Give your team members clear delineation of responsibility between admins, users, and view-only access, keeping your systems well-managed, safe, and secure.

With CellPort, you can clearly delineate the scope of what each team member is permitted to do, and view based on the user groups they’re members of and which specific protocols those groups are allowed to perform.

You can also track active versus inactive users to ensure long-term traceability for all activities performed by current and past users.

CellPort aims to make interactions in the lab completely frictionless, whether it’s interactions with each other or with the CellPort system. It starts with user roles and permissions.

With CellPort, user-based permissions allow you to control who administers your system, who can use the system, and can view data in the system. This ensures that the right people have access to the right parts of your laboratory ecosystem and nothing more.

A second layer of control that your admins have is the ability to create and assign roles for specific user groups or departments within your organization.

Admins can add user group assignments to specific users, which if required can give granular control over who has the privileges to run specific protocols.

Software for powering breakthroughs, built by our scientists for your scientists.

That’s CellPort.

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