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Time and Scheduling

CellPort is the all-in-one lab management platform that’s uniquely focused on cell culture, cell banking, and all upstream and downstream workflows related to cells.

As Philadelphia’s-own Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again.”  Of all the assets in your organization, time is the one in shortest supply.  Managing your team’s time well, therefore, may be the most impactful thing you can do.

That’s why teams use CellPort to save time, maintain schedules, and optimize productivity.  

With Cellport, you can put an end to missed deadlines by scheduling events for cell seeding, passaging, feeding, and banking events.

Never worry about past-due equipment calibration with CellPort’s Scheduled Events for all your instruments and storage units.

Give every member of your team full visibility into workflows with a weekly calendar view, including outstanding events yet to be assigned, and make audits infinitely easier with full traceability for all critical cell culture and cell-related events.

CellPort brings transparency and traceability to your scheduling as soon as you log into the system.

Your weekly calendar shows all the events for you and your team giving you full transparency into who is working on what events, which events are not yet assigned, and the status of each event.

You can assign events to yourself, filter the list to see only your events and launch the protocol associated with that event with just two clicks.

Keeping track of overdue events is also a key part of CellPort’s informative dashboard.

From the list of overdue events, you can easily launch the event’s designated protocol, with full traceability and transparency always a part of the system.

Scheduling events in CellPort keeps everybody on track, and allows you to streamline your operations, even when your people are on holiday or out sick.

Software for powering breakthroughs, built by our scientists for your scientists.

That’s CellPort.

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